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Virtual 68 Katy

At last, it’s working! After writing the last blog post, I was able to find a test suite for the Motorola 68000, allowing me to verify the accuracy of my 68000 emulator. After addressing a number of inaccuracies, Linux could finally finish booting! The issue that was breaking kmalloc was the CMPA.W, ADDA.W, and SUBA.WContinue reading “Virtual 68 Katy”

(Almost) Emulating the 68 Katy

During a recent bout of illness I became fascinated with the concept of porting the Linux kernel to minimalist environments: it began when I stumbled upon this video of someone who had gotten Linux running on their RISC-V emulator, which made me wonder if I could do the same with my 68000 emulator. Unfortunately, IContinue reading “(Almost) Emulating the 68 Katy”