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The tale of clownaudio – Part 4

“In the next part, I’ll cover the first step in clownaudio’s transition from a component in a Cave Story mod to a standalone audio library.” It’s almost two years late, but let’s continue where we left off: At this point in time, clownaudio was still just the nameless audio subsystem of my Ogg Vorbis musicContinue reading “The tale of clownaudio – Part 4”

The tale of clownaudio – Part 3

Okay, where was I… So I had a basic music player, which would decode Ogg Vorbis data using libvorbis and play it to the user with Cubeb. For the basic purpose of adding Ogg Vorbis support to a game that originally lacked it, this was good enough. Or… so I thought. With the release ofContinue reading “The tale of clownaudio – Part 3”

The tale of clownaudio – Part 2

Preamble Last time, I went over the ‘why’ of clownaudio’s development. In this part, I hope to go over the ‘how’. But before we begin, I’d like to briefly mention something that I didn’t bring up in the last part: ever since its early days, my Cave Story Ogg Vorbis mod has been under versionContinue reading “The tale of clownaudio – Part 2”

The tale of clownaudio – Part 1

Pre(r)amble I suppose I should start this off by explaining exactly what clownaudio is: clownaudio is my custom sound engine library. It performs real-time decoding, mixing, and playback of sounds in a variety of formats. Think ‘the thing that plays music and sound effects in a video game’. When I was a poor naive soul,Continue reading “The tale of clownaudio – Part 1”