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clownmdemu – frontend v0.4 & libretro v0.2

Custom Dear ImGui Style Dear ImGui’s default style looked a bit tacky and ‘programmer art’-like to me, so I’ve made my own: I’ve tried to create a typical ‘dark mode’ theme while still keeping a high degree of contrast in order to maintain good legibility. Another focus of the style is technical and artistic minimalism,Continue reading “clownmdemu – frontend v0.4 & libretro v0.2”

clownmdemu – frontend v0.3.1

This is just a quick update to address some issues in the previous v0.3 release. Make FM Debugger More Compact The FM debugger was a bit ‘verbose’ in v0.3… As you can see, each channel was given its own window, which meant that it was a lot of effort to simply switch from one channelContinue reading “clownmdemu – frontend v0.3.1”

clownmdemu – frontend v0.3 & libretro v0.1.1

This update mostly affects the standalone frontend, but a couple of them also apply to the libretro core. Keyboard Rebinding One shortcoming of the standalone frontend is that it lacks keyboard rebinding: the W, A, S, and D keys will always control the Control Pad’s D-Pad, and so on. But not anymore! New to theContinue reading “clownmdemu – frontend v0.3 & libretro v0.1.1”

clownmdemu – frontend v0.2 & libretro v0.1

It’s been too long, but finally my emulator has an update! Since the first release, the emulator has been greatly optimised, some inaccuracies in the 68000 interpreter have been addressed, and the occasional missing CPU instruction has been added. Compatibility with games should be a bit better than before, but still not great as many essentialContinue reading “clownmdemu – frontend v0.2 & libretro v0.1”

The tale of clownaudio – Part 4

“In the next part, I’ll cover the first step in clownaudio’s transition from a component in a Cave Story mod to a standalone audio library.” It’s almost two years late, but let’s continue where we left off: At this point in time, clownaudio was still just the nameless audio subsystem of my Ogg Vorbis musicContinue reading “The tale of clownaudio – Part 4”

Virtual 68 Katy

At last, it’s working! After writing the last blog post, I was able to find a test suite for the Motorola 68000, allowing me to verify the accuracy of my 68000 emulator. After addressing a number of inaccuracies, Linux could finally finish booting! The issue that was breaking kmalloc was the CMPA.W, ADDA.W, and SUBA.WContinue reading “Virtual 68 Katy”