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Virtual 68 Katy

At last, it’s working! After writing the last blog post, I was able to find a test suite for the Motorola 68000, allowing me to verify the accuracy of my 68000 emulator. After addressing a number of inaccuracies, Linux could finally finish booting! The issue that was breaking kmalloc was the CMPA.W, ADDA.W, and SUBA.WContinue reading “Virtual 68 Katy”

(Almost) Emulating the 68 Katy

During a recent bout of illness I became fascinated with the concept of porting the Linux kernel to minimalist environments: it began when I stumbled upon this video of someone who had gotten Linux running on their RISC-V emulator, which made me wonder if I could do the same with my 68000 emulator. Unfortunately, IContinue reading “(Almost) Emulating the 68 Katy”

clownmdemu and clownassembler released

Sorry for the drought of blog posts lately: I’ve been busy with work and a lot of other IRL stuff. Still, if there’s one thing I can give an update on, it’s that two of my projects have finally seen a release: clownmdemu and clownassembler have been released on Sonic Retro, Sonic Stuff Research Group,Continue reading “clownmdemu and clownassembler released”

I don’t get this PipeWire hype

For whatever reason, PipeWire has been making waves lately: everyone and their grandma goes on about it as if it’s the definitive sound server and that there’s no reason to stick with PulseAudio besides the occasional compatibility issue. In my experience though, I’m not seeing it at all. I’ve jumped over to it twice nowContinue reading “I don’t get this PipeWire hype”

Replacing dhcpcd and wpa_supplicant with iwd

As I’ve described before, I like my Arch installation to be minimal, so my curiosity was piqued when I saw a Reddit thread about the most minimal Wi-Fi setup. Of course, there’s the obligatory crowd of twits interjecting with how minimalism is bad and everyone should use NetworkManager instead. Yeah, great, real helpful. I’m gladContinue reading “Replacing dhcpcd and wpa_supplicant with iwd”

Getting rid of xfdesktop because I’m a minimalist weirdo

I use Arch Linux, and you know what that means: investing hours of my time into saving a few megabytes of disk or RAM. Here is my most recent bit of tinkering: I like Xfce: I think it strikes a good balance between being feature-rich and lightweight. Of course, this is all subjective, but havingContinue reading “Getting rid of xfdesktop because I’m a minimalist weirdo”